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The 4H associations of the Capital Region (Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa) provide young people between the ages of 7 to 28 with opportunities to engage in various activities, learn new skills and gradually develop their working life skills and abilities. 

4H is an international network of youth organizations operating in more than 50 countries worldwide. We believe that young people are the drivers of change. This is why we think it is pivotal to provide youth with opportunities for positive self-development. 4H currently reaches 7 million of these changemakers around the globe. 


Hobbies and camps 

Pks4H organizes versatile camp and hobby activities for 6-13-year-old children.  Pks4H offers the children of the capital region the opportunity for a sustainable lifestyle.  In 4H-activities, the children gain skills, e.g. food education, manual and craft skills and environmental skills and build their knowledge of a sustainable and appreciative relationship with nature. 

In summer, Pks4H organizes camps and visits in three animal yards: Skata (Helsinki), Katrineberg (Vantaa) and Glims (Espoo). The animal yards become homes for sheep, goats, rabbits and chicken during the summer months.

Work opportunities, entrepreneurship and courses 

Pks4H organizes courses, work opportunities and international experiences for young people aged 13-28. A young person can also start their own company with the help of Pks4H. As a member, you get to participate for free in most of our courses.

Work opportunities, courses and other opportunities offered by Pks4H:

  • 4H entrepreneurship 
  • Work with the elderly: Ikis (general support, e.g. cleaning) & Ikiliikkuja (excercise and movement)
  • Work as a 4H-Dogsitter
  • Work and courses for hobby instructors
  • International projects and ERASMUS-exchanges 

Currently most of the 4H activities in the Capital Region (Pks4H) are organized in Finnish.  

If you are interested in taking part in hobbies, camps and exchanges as an English-speaker or if you are interested to get more information in English, please contact: 

4H entrepreunership:  Hanna Palosuo  ( / 050 554 1586)

Camps and hobbies: Elisa Seppälä ( /045 7831 7764)

Hobbies:  Jasna Mieskoski  ( / 04578317764)

Courses and work opportunities (Services for the elderly): Laura Tunkkari ( / 050 337 2965)

4H-Dogsitter and animal yards: Selja Kumpumäki ( / 045 7831 4656)

4H Membership 

The membership costs 40e/year, and as a member you get to participate for free in most of Pks4H's activities.

Link to the joining form : 

The form is in Finnish, if you need help please contact: Roosa Nissinen ( / 050 337 4244)